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Everyone Keep a close eye on This: - ((North Colorado)) - The Vote Heard 'Round The World: a response to The Daily Camera on "North Colorado"

BOULDER, CO From the editorial advisory board: The state of Northern Colorado

July 4, 2014: The Day That Freedom Shall Be Restored
The Vote Heard 'Round The World: a response to The Daily Camera on "North Colorado"
The people of "North Colorado" have recognized that there are far greater principles at stake than those glib and smarmy dismissals in The Daily Camera would suggest, and are mindful of the ominous implications if the percolating threats to those principles are not arrested immediately.

"The people of rural Colorado are mad, and they have every right to be.  The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted our way of life, and I don't blame people one bit for feeling attacked and unrepresented by the leaders in our state," said Republican Representative Cory Gardner, from Yuma, who has been quoted widely in the national media, as has Weld County commissioner Douglas Rademacher: "Our vision and our morals are no longer represented by the state and the current administration, and we think it's time that we do take seriously what our options are."  Fellow commissioner Sean Conway added, "Northern and Northeastern Colorado and our voices are being ignored in the legislative process this year, and our very way of life is under attack."

July 4, 2014: The Day That Freedom Shall Be Restored
It is 1775 again....Are you ready to be free? If you do not act now, you soon will lose your opportunity to be free. From its beginnings in the late eighteenth century, the fundamental goal of the modern political Left has been to promote (or in Leftist parlance, "celebrate") every thing that is depraved and bestial in human nature, up to and including democidal mass murder. Now, upon the wreckage of our once-strong country, the Left is poised to usher in the all-pervasive bureaucratic-regulatory despotism that they have craved for generations. Except…one small wrench is about to the thrown into the cogs of their evil machine. Look in the mirror: You are that wrench. You have one more chance to get it right. Suppose, as our country falls to ruin, we set a deadline for avoiding this catastrophe? If we are serious about freedom, each of us needs to think, individually and together, about how exactly we will implement a free society. It will not "just happen" because of the passage of a date or because we want it badly enough. Societies have been forged before; we can do it again, if we understand what is necessary. What resources are necessary for a free, self-reliant, self-sustaining society? What basic supplies do you need for survival? What do you need to know if you are serious about freedom? The "Founding Fathers" were among the few in history who looked at the pitiable state of freedom and said, "We are going to make it happen - we are going to get it right!" We need to follow their example. July 4, 2014: The Day That Freedom Shall Be Restored answers these important questions: * What is the crisis that faces us? * When is our deadline for a solution? * What is government? * What is the source of our tradition of liberty? * What is the history of the philosophy of freedom? * Does history show to us the choice between good and evil? * What are our Four Options? * Is secession a valid option? * How would we fix our federal government? * What resources do we need to survive? * Who will join us in freedom? * What is our "special relationship" with Canada? * What do we need to do for to meet our deadline? * What type of character is needed for this task? July 4, 2014: The Day That Freedom Shall Be Restored is a handbook, and guideline, to one important and necessary strategy for reclaiming the birthright of our liberty. It is an intellectual handbook, and a practical handbook, and a spiritual handbook. Intellectual: It will help you to understand the ideals of freedom - what they mean, how they developed, why they are important, and how they can be defended. Practical: It will provide advice on what to do to establish a free society. Spiritual: It will offer encouragement and "moral support" for this difficult task ahead. A free society, populated by citizens committed to an ethic of responsible personal liberty, is the only society that promotes peace, encourages honesty, and therefore enables our prosperity and happiness. When the sun sets on that July day, you will find the light of liberty shining even brighter. July 4, 2014: The Day That Freedom Shall Be Restored is the explosive new book by D. C. Alan...part philosophy, part policy, part history, part commentary, and 100% outrageous!

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