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30 Sheriffs Sue Colorado Over Gun Control: ‘This Is Our Alamo’ July 25th

co sheriffs suing co over gun control laws
When almost 30 sheriffs in one state join a lawsuit against a gun control law it should get your attention.   HB 1224 is the gun bill in Colorado that essentially bans all firearms that can hold more than 15 rounds, rifle or handgun, and it also makes it illegal to own a smaller magazine that can be made to hold more rounds. has recently interviewed one of those sheriffs that joined the lawsuit against CO.   Colorado Sheriff Justin Smith from Larimer County explained the problems with the law:
The problem with this is that those who wrote the law don’t understand firearms or magazines. And many of the most popular firearms have magazines with removal floorplates — for instance, a Glock magazine. This law will effectively ban certain magazines even if they’re under the capacity limit, based solely on the fact that they are expandable or simply give the appearance of expandability.
And then there is HB 1229 which requires every single gun transfer to involve a background check.  That means whether the gun is sold at a gun show, online, or even privately a $10 background check fee will have to be applied.  But there are even more sinister parts to the CO gun control bill that make it even more ridiculous.
Get ready to be shocked by how stupid this law is.  Ready?  There is a 72 hour rule that is your gun is out of your possession for more than 72 hours you will have to go through a background check and a $10 fee just to get it back.
Sheriff Smith went on to explain how this part of the law could apply:
“They’ve written the law in a way that the difference between legality and illegality are undefined. They simply stress that the gun has to be in your possession at all times. They’ve tried to clarify this to mean under or within your domain.
But let’s say you’re a Colorado resident in legal possession of gun you owned prior the the July 1, 2013 deadline. You have an automobile accident and while the ambulance takes you to the hospital, police find the gun in your vehicle. They hold the gun for you but you’re in the hospital longer than 72 hours.
When you finally recover and leave the hospital you ask the police for your gun and they say you have to do a background check to get your own gun back because it’s been longer than 72 hours. Moreover, you have a 17 round magazine in that gun and those are now banned, and because it was out of your possession for longer than 72 hours you’ve forfeited it.
This is a mess.”
Sheriff Smith summed it up with this quote: “We are a cantankerous bunch and this is our Alamo.”
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