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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christians Awaken For Duck Dynasty Flap by Chuck Baldwin, December 31, 2013

Christians Awaken For Duck Dynasty Flap by Chuck Baldwin, December 31, 2013


Christians Awaken For Duck Dynasty Flap
By Chuck Baldwin
December 31, 2013

This column is archived here.
America is tumbling out of control toward a crash-and-burn impact with disaster, and, for the most part, pastors and churches are asleep--I mean in a coma. Both major parties in Washington, D.C., are selling-out our liberties faster than Chris Christie can swallow a Big Mac, and Christians don’t even roll over; George W. Bush and Barack Obama have created the largest surveillance society in the history of mankind, and pastors lie comatose; Dianne Feinstein and her Constitution-hating collaborators in Congress try their best to expunge our right to self-defense, and Christian organizations don’t open an eyelid; the right of Habeas Corpus, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, and our very right of privacy have, for all intents and purposes, been eviscerated by the miscreants in Washington, D.C., and most pastors and Christians remain fast asleep. But let a Christian TV star get the axe for telling a magazine reporter that he views homosexuality as sinful, and Christians storm out of their beds like firemen answering the bell for a five-alarm fire.

Don’t get me wrong. The politically-correct entertainment and news industries are hyper-paranoid about anything deemed to be “anti-gay.” Homosexuals currently enjoy more protected status than the spotted owl. That A&E would attempt to suspend a long-bearded, redneck Christian for saying homosexuality is a sin should shock no one. Liberal actor Alec Baldwin (no relation to this writer)--a darling of the left-wing establishment--lost his TV show on MSNBC for comments he spoke that were considered to be anti-gay.

Am I glad so many people rallied to the support of Phil Robertson? Yes, of course. Was the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain stupid to pull Duck Dynasty products from their stores as punishment for what Robertson said? They sure were. Are Christians who want to boycott Cracker Barrel and other companies that cater to political-correctness within their rights to do so? You bet. People such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made careers (not to mention millions of dollars) intimidating private companies with all kinds of boycotts. But I must be honest: this whole episode burns the stew out of me.

In the first place, it doesn’t seem to dawn on the vast majority of pastors, churches, and most of these non-profit Christian organizations what the source of all of this politically-correct bull manure really is. The source of all of this dung is that Cesspool by the Potomac: Washington, D.C. It is the policies, laws, and public statements from the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court--not to mention all of the politically-correct propaganda being taught in the government schools and universities--that pressure private companies (especially big companies) to stay on the smiley side of Washington. The IRS can make life a living hell for anyone--and that includes big companies. It wasn’t that long ago when the federal government almost closed down Cracker Barrel for what it perceived as acts of discrimination. Take away the intimidation of Washington, D.C., from most of these companies, and the majority of these politically-correct issues (including the homosexual issue) would disappear.

If Christians really wanted to boycott the institution with the biggest pro-homosexual agenda in the world, they would boycott paying taxes to the IRS. Through the US State Department and Pentagon, the homosexual agenda is not only being advanced domestically but internationally. Our State Department hires open homosexuals as diplomats and sends them to countries that hold deep religious and cultural aversions to that lifestyle. More than one country has the homosexual lifestyle thrown in their face through the diplomatic corps of the US State Department. The Pentagon has put homosexuals in the closest of confines with US troops in virtually every military assignment and theater. Various agencies and departments of the federal government spend billions of taxpayer dollars advancing or even demanding a militant homosexual agenda.

Plus, a little intellectual honesty is in order at this point. Not every individual homosexual is a proponent of the militant homosexual agenda. In fact, many homosexuals joined in the chorus of those who were insulted by A&E’s flagrant disregard for Mr. Robertson’s freedom of speech.

I read Robertson’s controversial comments in GQ magazine, and he did NOT single out homosexuality any more than many other acts of immorality. The reporter asked him, “What, in your mind, is sinful?” Robertson simply answered the question by noting a variety of acts he deemed to be sinful by Holy Writ, including sins which he, himself, had committed earlier in his life. He also said that no sin was greater than another sin. He then went on to say that Christ came to redeem men from all of their sin--whatever it was. Has this not been the message of the Gospel for over 2,000 years?

But I remind you that it has been the federal government that has done more to expunge Christian ideology from US society than any other entity in the world--especially since 1962 and ’63. And, unfortunately, the CEOs and CFOs of most major corporations are mostly government toadies who will do anything to avoid falling out of the good graces of Washington. Yet, all of this seems lost to the vast majority of pastors, churches, and Christian organizations.

In the second place, it seems to me that the vast majority of pastors and churches only get exercised over two issues: abortion and homosexuality. And lately, most pastors and churches won’t even break a sweat opposing abortion. Where are they on the right of self-defense? Where are they on the right to own property? Where are they on the right of privacy? Where are they on the right to be secure in their own homes? Where are they on the Biblical Natural law principles of self-determination, limited, jurisdictional government, and personal liberty? Every one of these issues is a moral issue. Every one of these issues is a fundamental tenet of Biblical Natural Law. Yet, for the most part, none of these issues warrant even the slightest peep of exhortation from the vast majority of pastors, churches, and Christian organizations today.

Christians by the millions verbally descended upon A&E and Cracker Barrel for the politically-correct firing of one man over his personal opinion. But where are they when the politically-correct culture in Washington, D.C., turns into the force of law? Where are they when unconstitutional and, yes, un-Biblical federal mandates threaten the existence of our liberties and our very way of life? Where are they when the politically-correct usurpers in DC abuse the power and force of law that results in the violation--not just of one man and one man’s opinion--but of the liberties of every man, woman, and child in the United States? Where are they? They are sound asleep.

If pastors, churches, and Christian organizations would be as vocal and vehement in opposition to turning our country into a giant police state, we would have our privacy back almost overnight. If pastors, churches, and Christian organizations would be as vocal and vehement in their opposition to DC’s attacks against our right of self-defense, there would never be another gun control bill put forward and the vast majority of prohibitions against the Second Amendment already in place would be overturned almost immediately. If pastors, churches, and Christian organizations would be as vocal and vehement in their opposition to the rampant misuse of our military and police, justice would be restored almost at once.

Let’s be brutally honest: the reason this country is in the dung heap it is in is directly due to the sluggish indifference of America’s pastors, churches, and Christian organizations. And I think the flap at A&E and Cracker Barrel proves it.

The massive outcry of millions of pastors and Christians around the country influenced A&E to rehire Phil Robertson. This same outcry influenced Cracker Barrel to return Duck Dynasty products to their stores. If the same kind of massive outcry from millions of pastors and Christians would target the destruction of our Natural God-given liberties emanating from Washington, D.C., the course of our country could be turned around almost overnight. But now that Phil is back on the show and Duck Dynasty products are back on the shelves at Cracker Barrel, I’m confident most of these pastors and Christians are already back in their beds.

P.S. One more time let me remind everyone that we are offering both “Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission,” and “To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns” at a significant discount. These books, written by my constitutional attorney son and me, normally sell for $14.95 each. But for a limited time, the cost is only $17.95 (plus shipping and handling) for BOTH BOOKS.

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Keep Your Arms

(c) Chuck Baldwin

I called in to radio station here in Cheyenne, WY - Natrual Rights, 2nd Amendment, Sheep Dogs vs Wolves

God gives us Arms to protect ourselves, Government is there to protect the rights God gave us - My Pastors and His brother have a show 30 Min of Liberty attacking tyranny

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

PANDA People Against The NDAA

I called in on to the Radio Station Twice here in Cheyenne, WY KGAB AM 650 - I want to know will our Sherriff Defend us if they try to take our guns away - 2nd Amendment Rights - I talked to someone who knows him - He Told me the Sheriff is a good man but I don't know if he will protect us? - This is why I called in

- 1st hour subject on Pension funds are going to make Wyoming go broke
I called in on 2 points-
1 People need to get financial independence I called in at 32:26
2 I want to know will our Sherriff Defend us if they try to take our guns away - 2nd Amendment Rights - Buy more Guns and Ammo I called in at 1:05:45
I talked to someone who knows him  He Told me the Sheriff  is a good man but I don't know if he will protect us? - This is why I called in

Friday, December 27, 2013

Retired General: Americans Must Confront Obama's Tyranny



"Our government is so broken now, that each day we go down over the cliff even more and more.  The lack of strong leadership not only in the Executive branch, but a lack of really strong leadership in Congress, both in the Democrats and the Republicans.  I am not even sure that our traditional process is going to straighten our government in sufficient time to save us. That leaves us to what options we have.  If you look under the constitution we have impeachment.  Now we know with the partisan politics that isn't going to happen. So we have Obama for another three years."
"So what do we do as people? Do we let it go on and go through the regular election process and hope it will get better?  'Hope is not a strategy by the way'".
"We need millions to stand up in our State Capitols and in Washington D.C. and we need to have that done within the next twelve months". 
"And I would say if we can make citizen arrests, and I challenge our government and people that if we have people that are conducting treason against the United States and the best interest of our country, violating the constitution, violating our laws, just as they are doing with these excessive executive orders coming out of the White House, where you have a President and his team that doesn't care about the constitution, they will do anything they can to win.
They will do anything, they will go for the throat and that is what we have to do because we are in battle to save the United States" 

- Retired General Paul E. Vallely

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Second Amendment Pastors - Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship calls for pastors throughout the United States to make a public statement from the pulpit supporting the Right to Bear Arms.

Second Amendment Pastors


Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship calls for pastors throughout the United States to make a public statement from the pulpit supporting the Right to Bear Arms. All pastors who are bold enough to tell their congregation to not register and to not turn in ANY of their guns are encouraged to add their name and church to our list of pastors who fully support the Second Amendment. View the entire list below or search by state.
If you are a pastor who has taken a stand from the pulpit and has told his congregation to not accept any more gun control then please

Sunday, December 22, 2013

this is what my Pastor wrote on Facebook: Will you join me in declaring liberty, or will you quietly repose in slavery? I agree!!

this is what my Pastor wrote on Facebook:  (( My rights are God-given and unalienable. They belong to me. They include those delineated in the Bill of Rights and more. There are those including the government, intolerant liberals and extremists, and manipulators that try to tell me these rights are no longer mine, but they are wrong. I still have them. They are more costly to defend, but they are still mine. As the cost becomes greater, it is all the more imperative to stand up, and defend the liberties given to me by God Himself. Will you join me in declaring liberty, or will you quietly repose in slavery?  )) https://www.facebook.com/steven.grant.589  - http://www.godsdestiny.org/index.html - http://www.indefenseofanation.com/idoan_004.htm

Friday, December 20, 2013

Chrstians and Patriots it is time to draw the line!! - Taylor Haynes Announces Run For Wyoming Governor - Cheyenne Physician Dr. Taylor Haynes says he is running for Governor of Wyoming in 2014.

- Click on photo to enlarge

http://kgab.com/haynes-announces-run-for-governor/ -  Cheyenne Physician Dr. Taylor Haynes says he is running for Governor of Wyoming in 2014.

Cheyenne Physician Dr. Taylor Haynes says he is running for Governor of Wyoming in 2014.
Haynes says he plans a “common sense’ campaign which will stress adherence to the U.S. Constituition,  property rights, personal freedom, and the right to bear arms as among his key issues. He says his travels around Wyoming have convinced him that people want jobs and freedom from government interference in their lives. Haynes ran as an independent candidate for governor in 2010, but says he has now re-joined the Republican Party and will compete for that party’s nomination.
Haynes has launched a campaign website and says he has registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office as an exploratory campaign. Haynes joins state Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill as candidates who have announced their intention to run for governor in 2014. Both Haynes and Hill are Republicans. Incumbent Republican Governor Matt Mead has so far not said whether he will run for re-election next year

In Defense Of A Duck Call. Don't bother listening if you love tyranny. - "In Defense Of A Nation" broadcasts weekly across America. It's 30 minutes of Liberty's assault on tyranny, where it's all God & Country.


MP3 Here 30 min http://www.indefenseofanation.com/Radio/In%20Defense%20Of%20A%20Nation%2012-19-13.mp3
In Defense Of A Nation


idoan002006.jpg idoan002005.jpg idoan002004.jpg
In Defense Of A Nation
Nearly 400 years ago, America’s forefathers began a journey which laid the foundation of the greatest nation on earth.  On November 11, 1620, before the pilgrims disembarked from their ship, they signed a document known as the Mayflower Compact.  The intent of their journey to the new world was detailed in its content, which reads in part:  “In the name of God, Amen.  We whose names are underwritten…having undertaken for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith…a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia”.
Armed with a fresh taste of oppression and a healthy fear of lawlessness, they began the arduous task of forging a government somewhere between leftist tyranny and rightist anarchy.  The result was a Constitutional Republic in the middle of the political spectrum; a Christian nation governed by law yet affording people the freedom to do what is right under God.
On matters of liberty, they believed that unalienable rights are given to humanity by God, and not by government.  Consequently, government was handcuffed and given no authority to sanction or limit the laws of nature and of nature’s God.  For a Christian people, government is always the lesser authority, not the final authority, and this kept our people free from tyranny.
On matters of order, they balanced liberty with law, and stressed that our rights must only be exercised within the rule of law...God’s law.  This kept us from drifting into anarchy and lawlessness, which eventually give rise to a new form of tyranny.  Deuteronomy 28:1-2 points out that a nation is blessed only through obedience to the God of the Bible, and oppression reigns when people turn from God to their own agendas (Deuteronomy 28:15).  This position is reflected in the writings of the original framers, regardless of their denomination of worship.  Hence, from our birth and the Revolutionary War cries of “No king but King Jesus”, to Supreme Court rulings declaring us to be a “Christian nation”  (1892 Church of the Holy Trinity vs. the United States), we find overwhelming evidence of our national purpose...to be one nation under one God...Jesus Christ.
But that was then, and sadly, this is now.
America has abandoned God and virtue as we now celebrate all manner of vice and corruption.  We’ve cast off the mechanism that keeps both anarchy and tyranny at bay, that being Christianity. Liberty without self restraint is the behavior of choice, followed by hopey changey delusions that the political system will shield us from inevitable consequences.  America’s most recent example of misplaced hope is the election of a well tailored empty suit to the Oval Office.  We are fools to believe someone who despises our heritage, culture, and Constitution will act as a modern Moses.  Instead, he will lead us to a leftist tyranny until we awaken from our comfortable deception.
Adding to that national travesty is the real power base in America; 435 Congressmen and 100 Senators who either enable tyranny’s agenda, or tie its hands. Consider the following:
·        If both Democrats and Republicans are against deficits, why do we have deficits?
·        You and I do not set fiscal policy, Congress does.

·       If all politicians are against inflation and high taxes, why do we have inflation and high taxes?
·       You and I do not write the tax code, Congress does.

·        If we are trillions of dollars in debt, it’s because they want us in debt.
·        If the tax code is unfair, it’s because they want it unfair.

·        If they force us into broken socialized retirement and medical plans, yet exempt themselves in favor of elite plans, it’s because they want it that way.

·       If America is dependent on foreign oil, it's because they want it that way.

·        If the borders are not secure, it’s because they want them that way.
·        If there are 12 million illegal aliens on our soil, it’s because they want them here.

·        If our Constitution is abandoned and our national sovereignty sold to foreign influences, it's because they want it that way.
Get the picture?
We can't blame special interests or lobbyist, because they have no legal authority.  The politician has the power to accept or reject their bribes, and he alone determines how he will vote.  Do not be conned into the belief that some mystical force like “the economy”, “inflation” or “politics” prevents them from doing what they took an oath to do.  Fully grasp the truth that 535 people exercise the defining power of the federal government.
The logical conclusion is that what exists is what THEY WANT to exist!
Perhaps we should get up the gumption to manage our own employees, or perhaps we should just fire them all.  While it may seem inconceivable that a nation of 300 million cannot replace the 535 who stand convicted by the present facts of incompetence and irresponsibility, consider this truth:  The weakling of tyranny is always empowered to oppress when strong men betray the source of their strength; the Lord God.  Look no further than Sampson and Delilah for a Biblical example, and no further than Abraham Lincoln for a contemporary confirmation of this truth.  In his own words, “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
So the call to reinvent government is really a call to reinvent ourselves! Biblically, it’s called repentance, but that’s not a word you hear much about anymore…especially in the self-absorbed American church. The government of our forefathers was a reflection of their virtue, and government today is a reflection of ours.  It’s high time for change we can believe in, and it begins with our own spiritual reckoning followed by a housecleaning in Washington, DC. Anything less is akin to riding a dead horse, and wisdom dictates that at some point we should dismount.
This ministry is devoted to the defense of the greatest nation on earth.  May we once again learn what it is to be “one nation under God”, and may the information presented here spark another revolution in your heart.  You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Now, make it count.

Communist Revolution, Here and Abroad

Trevor Loudon joins Cliff Kincaid and Jerry Kenney to discuss the world revolutionary process, dubbed “Shadow World” by the late Robert Chandler, on resurgent Russia, the Global New Left, and radical Islam. The newsletter, “World Revolution Report,” is now available at www.usasurvival.org.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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The American Redoubt -- Move to the Mountain States


ROMANS 13 : Chuck Baldwin 4 parts - I am reminded of what Charles Finney, the famed 19th Century revivalist, said: "If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that they very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it."

Monday, December 16, 2013

DEFIANT: 479 Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New Laws on Gun Control... - GREELEY, Colo. — When Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County explains in speeches why he is not enforcing the state’s new gun laws, he holds up two 30-round magazines

 DEFIANT: 479 Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New Laws on Gun Control...- GREELEY, Colo. — When Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County explains in speeches why he is not enforcing the state’s new gun laws, he holds up two 30-round magazines. One, he says, he had before July 1, when the law banning the possession, sale or transfer of the large-capacity magazines went into effect. The other, he “maybe” obtained afterward.

LIST... - Growing List of Sheriffs, Associations and Police Chiefs Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control

CA gun owners wary of state database...

NEWSTCounty/Parish/etc.SheriffReason for Listing
ALBaldwin Huey 'Hoss' MackLink
ALBarbour LeRoy UpshawPersonal request
ALChilton Kevin Davis
ALHouston Andy HughesLink
ALLee Jay Jones
ALMadison Blake DorningLink
ALMorgan Ana FranklinLink
ARBoone Mike MooreLink
ARCross JR Smith
ARNevada Danny MartinLink
AZCochise Mark J. DannelsLink
AZMaricopa Joe ArpaioLink
AZMohaveTom SheahanLink
AZNavajo Kelly "KC" ClarkLink
AZPinal Paul BabeuLink
AZYavapai Scott MascherLink
AZYuma Leon WilmotStatement Link
CAAmador Martin RyanLink
CAButte Jerry SmithLink
CADel Norte Dean WilsonLink
CAEl Dorado John D'AgostiniLink
CAFresno Margaret MimsLink
CAHumboldt Mike DowneyLink
CAKern Donny YoungbloodLink
CALassen Dean GrowdonLink
CAMendocino Thomas AllmanCSPOA Member Link
CAModoc Mike PoindexterLink
CANevada Keith RoyalLink
CAPlacer Edward BonnerLink
CAPlumas Greg HagwoodLink
CARiverside Stanley SniffLink
CASan Luis Obispo Ian S. ParkinsonLink
CAShasta Tom Bosenko
CASierra John EvansLink
CASiskiyou Jon LopeyLink
CAStanislaus Adam ChristiansonLink
CATehama David HencraftLink
CATrinity Bruce HaneyLink
CATuolumne James W. MeleLink
COBent David R. EnciniasSigned Petition
COCheyenne Ken PutnamSigned Petition
COClear Creek Don KruegerSigned Petition
COCuster Fred JobeLink
CODouglas Dave WeaverLink
COEl Paso Terry MaketaLink
COElbert Shayne HeapVideo Link
COFremont Jim BeickerLink Signed Petition
COGarfield Lou VallarioLink
COGilpin Bruce HartmanVideo Link
COHinsdale Ronald B. Bruce Link
COHuerfano Bruce NewmanPersonal Recommendation Link
COJackson Scott FischerLink
COJefferson Ted Minkvideo Link
COLarimer Justin SmithLink
COLas Animas James W CasiasLink
COLogan Brett L. PowellLink
COMesa Stan HilkeyLink
COMoffat Tim JantzLink
COMontezuma Dennis SpruellSigned Petition
COMontrose Rick DunlapLink
COProwers James FaullLink
COPueblo Kirk M. TaylorLink
CORio Grande Brian NortonLink Signed Petition
CORoutt Garrett WigginsLink Signed Petition
COSedgwick Randy PeckLink
COSummit John MinorLink
COTeller Michael A. EnsmingerLink
COWashington Larry KuntzLink
COWeld John CookeNews Artile Link
COYuma Chad DaySigned Petition
DESussex Jeff ChristopherLink
FLBay Frank McKeithenLink
FLBradford Gordon SmithSigned Petition
FLBrevard Sheriff Wayne IveyLink
FLCalhoun Glenn H. KimbrelStatement Link
FLCharlotte Bill Prummell, Jr.Statement Link
FLClay Rick Beseler
FLCollier Kevin RamboskStatement Link
FLDixie Dewey HatcherStatement Signed Petition
FLDuval John RutherfordLink
FLFranklin Mike MockLink
FLHamilton Harrell ReidLink
FLHernando Al NeinhuisOath Link
FLHolmes Tim BrownLink Signed Petition
FLLafayette Brian LambLink
FLLee Mike ScottStatement Link Signed Petition
FLLeon Larry CampbellLink
FLLiberty Nick FinchLink
FLMarion Chris BlairLink
FLMartin Bill Snyder
FLNassau Bill LeeperSigned Petition
FLOkaloosa Larry AshleySigned Petition
FLPolk Grady JuddLink
FLSeminole Donald F. EslingerLink
FLWalton Michael Adkinson
GACarrollTerry LangleyLink
GACherokee Roger Garrison
GACobb Neil Warren
GAColumbia Clay WhittleLink
GAFannin Dane Kirby
GAFayette Barry Babb
3DGAGilmer Stacy NicholsonLink
GAGwinnett Butch Conway
GAOconee Scott BerryLink
GAPaulding Gary Gulledge
GAPike Jimmy Thomas
GAPutnam Howard R. Sills Link
GARockdale Eric J. LevettLink
GASpalding Wendell Beam
GATift Gene ScarbroughPersonal request
GATowns Christopher M. ClintonLink
GATwiggs R. Darren Mitchum
GAUpson Dan Kilgore
GAWalton Joe Chapman
IACedar Warren M. Wethington
IDAdams Ryan K. ZollmanSigned Petition
IDBannock Lorin W. NeilsenLink
IDBenewah Dave ResserCSPOA member
IDBonner Daryl Wheeler
IDCanyon Kieran Donahue
IDClark Bart May
IDClearwater Chris Goetz
IDFremont Len HumphriesSigned Petition
IDGem Chuck Rolland
IDIdaho Doug Giddings
IDJerome Doug McFall
IDLewis Brian Brokop
IDMadison Roy Klingler
IDNez Perce Joe Rodriguez
IDOneida J.P. SemradRequested personally
IDPayette Chad HuffEmailed CSPOA Link
IDShoshone Mitch Alexander
IDTwin Falls Tom CarterCSPOA Member Link
IDWashington Matt Thomas
ILChampaign Dan WalshLink
ILClark Jerry ParsleyLink
ILClinton Mike KrekeLink
ILCrawford Todd W. ListonSigned Petition
ILDuPage John ZarubaLink
ILEdgar Edward Motley
ILFord Mark R. DoranLink
ILIroquois Derek Hagen
ILKnox David ClagueLink
ILMadison Robert J HertzLink
ILMcLean Mike Emery
ILSt. Clair Richard WatsonLink Signed Petition
INBoone Ken Campbell
INElkhart Bradley D. RogersSigned Petition
INFranklin Ken Murphy
INHancock Michael ShepherdCSPOA member
INRipley Tom Grills
KSChautauqua Perry RussellPersonal Contact
KSHarvey Walton TownsendCSPOA member
KSJohnson Frank DenningLink
KSLinn Barry WalkerCSPOA member
KSSherman Burton PianaltoCSPOA member
KSSumner Darren ChambersCSPOA member
KYBath John Snedegar
KYBoone Michael A. Helmig
KYBullitt Dave GreenwellLink
KYGrant Chuck DillsLink
KYJackson Denny PeymanLink
KYKenton Chuck Korzenborn
KYPowell Scott F. Harrison
LAIberia Louis M. AckalLink
MDCarroll Ken Tregoning
MDFrederick Charles A. Jenkins
MDGarrett Robert E. CorleyLink
MDKent John PriceLink
MDSt. Mary's Timothy CameronVideo of hearings Link
MDWicomico Mike LewisLink
MIBaraga Bob TeddySigned Petition
MIBarry Dar LeafSigned Petition
MIBenzie Ted SchendelLink Signed Petition
MIChippewa Robert SavoieLink
MIClare John WilsonSigned Petition
MIKent Larry Stelma
MILeelanau Michael BorkovichLink
MIMason Kim C. ColeSigned Petition
MIMenominee Kenny MarksCSPOA member Link
MIOakland Michael J BouchardSigned Petition
MISt. Joseph Bradley Balk
MITuscola Leland Teschendorf
MNAnokaJames StuartPage 12 of newsletter
MNChisago Rick DuncanStatement Link
MNItasca Victor WilliamsLink
MNMeeker Jeffery NorlinLink Signed Petition
MNOtter Tail Brian Schlueter
MNPine Robin ColeLink
MNRamsey Matt Bostrom
MNStearns John Sanner
MNTodd Peter MikkelsonStatement Link
MNYellow Medicine Bill Flaten
MOAtchison Dennis D. MartinSigned Petition
MOBarry Mick Epperly
MOBarton Larry Mitchell ShawLink
MOBollinger Darin ShellLink
MOBoone Dwayne CareyLink
MOButler Mark Dobbs
MOCape Girardeau John JordanLink
MOChristian Joey Kyle
MOCooper Jerry WolfeCSPOA Member Link
MOGasconade Randy Esphorst
MOHenry J. Kent OberkormLink
MOJasper Randee Kaiser
MOJohnson Charles Heiss
MOLawrence Brad A. DeLayLink
MOLincoln John Cottle Link
MOLivingston Steve Cox
MOMarion Jimmy Shinn
MOMercer Stephen Stockman
MOOregon George R. Underwood
MOOsage Michael Dixon
MORalls Gerry Dinwiddie
MOSaline Wally GeorgeLink
MOShannon Steven R. Blunkall
MOTexas James SigmanLink
MOWarren Kevin T. Harrison
MSDeSoto Bill Rasco
MSForrest Billy McGee
MSMonroe Cecil Cantrell
MSPearl River David AllisonPersonal Contact
MTCascade Bob Edwards
MTLake Jay Doyle
MTLewis and Clark Leo Dutton
MTMusselshell Woodrow Weitzeil
MTPowell Scott F. Howard
MTRavalli Chris Hoffman
MTSanders Tom Rummel
MTWibaux Darby Harrington
MTYellowstone Mike Linder
NCBrunswick John IngramLink
NCCatawba Coy Reid
NCCleveland Alan Norman
NCCraven Jerry G. MonetteSigned Petition
NCFranklin Jerry Jones
NCHarnett Larry Rollins
NCHenderson Charlie McDonald
NCJohnston Steve BizzellLink
NCJones Danny HeathPersonal Contact Signed Petition
NCLee Tracy Carter
NCRockingham Sam Page
NCSampson Jimmy Thornton
NCStokes Mike Marshall
NCUnion Eddie Cathey
NCWake Donnie Harrison
NCWayne Carey Winders
NEDakota Chris Kleinberg
NHGrafton Douglas R Dutile
NMBernalillo Dan Houston
NMCatron Shawn Menges
NMChaves Patrick R Jennings
NMCibola Johnny Valdez
NMColfax Jim Maldonado
NMDe Baca Dennis A. Cleaver
NMDona Ana Todd Garrison
NMEddy Scott London
NMGrant Raul Holguin
NMGuadalupe Michael R Lucero
NMHarding Herman Martinez
NMHidalgo Saturnino Madero
NMLea Mark Hargrove
NMLincoln Robert Sheppard
NMLos Alamos Marco Lucero
NMLuna Raymond Cobos
NMOtero Benny House
NMQuay Joe Schallert
NMRio Arriba Joe Mascarenas
NMRoosevelt Darren Hooker
NMSan Juan Ken Christesen
NMSan Miguel Benjie Vigil
NMSanta Fe Robert Garcia
NMSierra Joe Baca
NMSocorro Phillip Montoya
NMTaos Miguel Romero Jr
NMTorrance Heath White
NMUnion William Spriggs
NMValencia Louis Burkhard
NVChurchill Benjamin D. TrotterCSPOA member Signed Petition
NVhumboldt Ed Kilgpore
NVLander Ron UngerSigned Petition
NVNye Tony DeMeo
NYAllegany Rick L. WhitneySigned Petition
NYErie Timothy B. Howard
NYGreene Greg SealyLink
NYLewis Michael P. CarpinelliSigned Petition
NYLivingston John M. YorkNY Sheriffs Statement Signed Petition
NYOtsego Richard Devlin Jr.
NYPutnam Donald Smith
NYSaratoga James D. BowenLink
NYSchoharie Tony Desmond
NYSteuben David Cole
NYSuffolk Vincent DeMarco
NYUlster Paul J. Van BlarcumSigned Petition
NYWashington Jeffrey MurphySigned Petition
OHAllen Sam Crish
OHAuglaize Al Solomon
OHFairfield Dave PhalenLink
OHHancock Michael E. Heldman
OHMercer Jeff Grey
OHMontgomery Phil PlummerContacted via email
OHPreble Michael Simpson
OHRichland J. Steve Sheldon
OKCleveland Joe LesterLink
OKJackson Roger LeVick
OKMajor Steve Randolph
OKMcCurtain Johnny Tadlock
OKWagoner Bob 'Big Block' ColbertPersonal Contact
ORBaker Mitchell Southwick
ORClatsop Tom BerginLink
ORColumbia Jeff DickersonLink
ORCoos Craig ZanniLink
ORCrook Jim Hensley
ORCurry John Bishop
ORDeschutes Larry Blanton
ORDouglas John Hanlin
ORGrant Glenn E. Palmer
ORJackson Mike Winters
ORJosephine Gil Gilbertson
ORKlamath Frank Skrah
ORLake Phillip McDonaldLink
ORLinn Tim MuellerLink
ORMalheur Brian Wolfe
ORMarion Jason MyersLink
ORPolk Bob Wolfe
ORUnion Boyd RasmussenLink
ORWallowa Steve Rogers
ORWashington Pat Garrett
ORYamhill Jack Crabtree
PAAdams Jim Muller
PABerks Eric J. Weaknecht
PABradford Clinton J. Walters
PAButler Michael T. SlupeLink
PACambria Bob KolarLink
PACameron Allen NeymanSigned Petition
PAChester Carolyn 'Bunny' WelshStatement Link Signed Petition
PACumberland Ronny R. AndersonCSPOA member
PAElk Jeffrey C. KriegSigned Petition
PAFayette Gary BrownfieldSigned Petition
PAJuniata Tom LyterPersonal contact Signed Petition
PALancaster Mark ReeseLink
PALebanon Michael DeLeoSigned Petition
PAMcKean Bradley MasonLink Signed Petition
PAMontour Ray C. Gerringer.pdfLink
PANorthumberland Ed Quiggle, Jr.Link
PAPike Philip BuekiLink
PAVenango Eric FoyCSPOA member
PAWestmoreland Jonathan HeldLink
SCAbbeyville Ronnie Ashley
SCBerkeley Wayne DeWitt
SCCharleston Al CannonVideo Link
SCCherokee Steve MuellerSigned Petition
SCEdgefield Adell Dobey
SCKershaw Jim Matthews
SCLexington James Metts
SCPickens Rick Clark
SCSpartanburgChuck WrightLink
SCYork Bruce Bryant
TNBlount James L BerrongStatements Link
TNBradley Jim Ruth
TNDyer Jeff Box
TNFentress Anthony (Tony) ChoateLink
TNHamblen Esco R JarnaginCSPOA Blog post
TNHamilton Jim Hammond
TNMcNairy Guy BuckLink
TNWhite Oddie Shoupe
TXAnderson Greg TaylorLink
TXAngelina Greg SanchesSigned Petition
TXAransas Bill MillsLink
TXArmstrong J.R. WalkerSigned Petition
TXAustin Jack Brandes
TXBlanco Robert MorganSigned Petition
TXBurnet W.T. Smith
TXCherokee James CampbellLink
TXCoke Wayne McCutchenSigned Petition
TXCollin Terry BoxLink
TXCormal Bob HolderSigned Petition
TXCoryell Johnny BurksSigned Petition
TXCottle Rickey LawrenceLink Signed Petition
TXDallam Bruce ScottCSPOA member
TXEdwards Pamela L. ElliottSigned Petition
TXEllis Johnny Brown
TXFannin Dane Kirby
TXFisher J.A. RobinsonSigned Petition
TXFoard Mike BrownSigned Petition
TXFort Bend Troy E. NehlsLink
TXGalveston Henry Trochesset
TXGrayson Keith Gary Letter Link
TXGrimes Donald SowellLink Signed Petition
TXGuadalupe Arnold S. ZwickeLink
TXHardin Ed CainCSPOA member
TXHartley Frank ScottCSPOA member Link
TXHill Michael Cox
TXHockley R. C. CheekSigned Petition
TXHopkins Butch AdamsSigned Petition
TXHudspeth Arvin West
TXHunt Randy MeeksSigned Petition
TXHutchinson Don L Johnson
TXJasper Mitchell NewmanSigned Petition
TXJohnson Bob Alford
TXKaufman David A ByrnesLink
TXLiberty Bobby RaderLink
TXLipscomb James RobertsonLink Signed Petition
TXLive Oak Larry R. BursbySigned Petition
TXLoving Billy B. HopperSigned Petition
TXMason Buster Nixon
TXMcCulloch Earl Howell
TXMcLennan Parnell McNamara
TXMills Clint Hammonds
TXMontgomery Tommy GageLink
TXMoore J.E. 'Bo' DeArmondSigned Petition
TXMotley Chris SpenceSigned Petition
TXNacogdoches Jason BridgesSigned Petition
TXNewton Edward L. ShannonLink
TXOldham David Medlin
TXPecos Cliff HarrisSigned Petition
TXPotter Brian ThomasSigned Petition
TXRandall Joel W. Richardson
TXSchleicher David R. DoranSigned Petition
TXShackelford Edward A. MillerSigned Petition
TXSmith Larry Smith
TXSwisher Cody GrubbSigned Petition
TXTaylor Ricky Bishop Link
TXTitus Tim IngramSigned Petition
TXWaller R. Glenn Smith
TXWichita David DukeSigned Petition
TXWood Jim BrownLink
UTBeaver Cameron M. NoelLink
UTBox Elder Joseph YeatesLink
UTCache G. Lynn NelsonLink
UTCarbon James CordovaLink
UTDaggett Jerry JorgensenLink
UTDavis Todd RichardsonLink
UTDuchesne Travis MitchellStatement Link
UTEmery Greg FunkLink
UTGarfield James D. PerkinsLink
UTGrand Steven WhiteLink
UTIron Mark GowerLink
UTJuab Alden OrmeLink
UTKane Lamont SmithLink Signed Petition
UTMillard Robert DekkerLink Signed Petition
UTMorgan Blaine BreshearsLink
UTPiuteMarty GleaveLink
UTRich Dale StaceyLink
UTSan Juan Rick EldredgeLink Signed Petition
UTSanpete Brian NielsonLink
UTSevier Nathan CurtisLink
UTSummit David EdmundsLink
UTTooele Frank ParkLink
UTUintah Jeff MerrellLink Signed Petition
UTUtah James TracyLink Signed Petition
UTWasatch Todd BonnerLink
UTWashington Cory PulsipherLink
UTWayne Kurt TaylorLink
UTWeber Terry L. ThompsonLink Signed Petition
VAKing GeorgeSteve DempseyLink
VALynchburgRonald GillispiePersonal Contact
VAWilliamsburg - James CityRobert J. DeedsLink
WAAsotin Ken Bancroft
WAChelan Brian BurnettLink Signed Petition
WACowlitz Mark NelsonLink
WADouglas Harvey GjesdalLink
WAGrant Tom JonesLink
WAKlickitat Rick McComasLink
WALincoln Wade W. MagersLink
WAPacific Scott JohnsonLink
WAPend Oreille Alan BotzheimLink
WASkamania Dave Brown
WAWhitman Brett Myers
WAYakima Ken IrwinLink
WIFlorence Jeff RickabyPersonal Request Link
WIMilwaukee David ClarkeLink
WIWashington Dale K. Schmidt Link
WVBoone William "Randall" WhiteLink
WVHardy Bryan WardLink
WVLogan Sonya M. Dingess PorterLink
WVRaleigh Steve TannerLink
WVRoane Mike HarperLink
WVWood Ken Merritt Link


Updated 12/16/2013
StateCounty or CityOfficeNameReason for Listing
MissouriOld MonroePolice ChiefLarry KirkPersonal Contact
North CarolinaEllis Airport Police, RichlandsChief of PoliceHans MillerPersonal Contact
OhioSalinevilleActing Chief of PoliceStephen Paul ThomasPersonal contact
PennsylvaniaState ConstableAndrew RumboldLink
PennsylvaniaNorthumberlandConstableEd Quiggle, Jr.Link
West VirginiaMeadow BridgePolice ChiefChief Sebby Lee VolpePersonal contact

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