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Monday, February 15, 2016

A few thoughts on Antonin Scalia, our rights, government overreach, and nullification. - If you haven’t already asked this question, you should; when will you become a criminal? Not by virtue of misbehaving, but by virtue of legislation.

Stan Grant
A few thoughts on Antonin Scalia, our rights, government overreach, and nullification.
First, the good news – OUR RIGHTS.
Over the last 24 hours I’ve watched th...e dismay (by Conservatives) on the web regarding the death of Scalia. He was a rabid defender of liberty and the Constitution, and his passing is a genuine loss to all Americans. He was the closest thing to a Constitutional purist on the bench. Even ignorant liberals who didn’t like him benefited from him defending their right to be ignorant.
Of interest to me, however, is the perception by freedom-lovers that our rights die with him. Let me explain.
In America, our forefathers recognized that rights are not granted to we the people by government. Nor are they granted by the Supreme Court. Rights are granted by God, are held as unalienable, and this is the reason our forefathers gave us the Bill of Rights.
The Bill of Rights is a list of ENUMERATED (vs government-issued) rights that are INSULATED from legislation and/or popular opinion.
They are not subject to the Supreme Court; the Supreme Court is subject to them.
They are not subject to Legislators; the Legislators are subject to them.
They are not subject to the Executive Branch (Mr. “I’ve got a pen and a phone”); the Executive Branch is subject to them.
Get the picture?
In short, Justice Scalia did not give us our rights, and his replacement cannot take them away. Don’t be conned into forfeiting them just because somebody “rules” that you must. That’s when you should L.O.L., in their face even.
Now for some bad news – GOVERNMENT OVERREACH.
Barry’s mentor (Saul Alinsky) instructed his minions to never let a crisis go to waste.
Rest assured they won’t pass on this opportunity to appoint an enemy of the Constitution to the bench. If (or when) they do, our liberties will be ground zero. Oh you’ll still have your rights, but they’ll try to take your liberty, which is the free exercise thereof. See, everyone has the same rights. People in Russia have the same rights we do here in America. What they lack is the liberty to exercise them. That’s because their government thinks IT is God, and IT is the giver of rights. Sound familiar? It should, because the Alinsky-ites see it that way too. The attack on liberty will increase.
But this isn’t anything new; it’s a universal tactic of thugs down throughout history.
Before Israelite babies were murdered in Egypt, laws were passed by Pharaoh to legitimize it.
Before Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, laws were passed to legitimize his internment and death sentence.
Before Jesus was crucified, kangaroo court was held to “convict” Him of treason.
Before the disciples were beaten and imprisoned, “laws” were deemed to have broken.
In short, tyranny doesn’t start with the muzzle of a gun; it starts with legislation. If you haven’t already asked this question, you should; when will you become a criminal? Not by virtue of misbehaving, but by virtue of legislation.
In the days ahead, remember this…whenever legislation attacks the Constitution and the Bill of Right...even legislation from the bench…it is the legislator (not you) that is committing the crime. Any subsequent “laws” that violate its articles are in fact unlawful, and men who assault the Bill of Rights through legislation or rulings are nothing more than thugs. Not the kind that wear saggy pants and rob 7-11’s, I’m talking about thugs in suits. Maybe even black robes.
Finally, the mixed (good and bad) news – NULLIFICATION
Nullification is the simple act of saying “no”. It’s a great word with a lot of power, and American patriots should learn how to use it.
When the system says that freedom of speech is no longer allowed, just say “no”…and speak up anyway.
When the system says that the right to keep and bear arms is not allowed, just say “no”...and arm up anyway.
When the system says that freedom of religion is no longer allowed, and you must tolerate its depravity…stand for truth anyway. Hold a church service, conduct heterosexual-only weddings, film it, post it on YouTube.
And remember that you are not alone.
Pharaoh said no male babies...and they had babies anyway.
The king said no praying to anyone other than him...and Daniel prayed to God anyway.
The Pharisees said no speaking of Jesus...and the disciples did it anyway.
No, no, and no. Molon Labe.
Our forefathers said no, and they even had a document of “no” to that end. It’s called the Declaration of Independence. I like to think of it as the Declaration of No. They simply said no more overreach. No more infringing on those unalienable rights given to us by God…not by the King. They nullified the overreach of the thugs in suits (and wigs at that time) and declared liberty. They didn’t declare war, they just declared liberty…and the war found them.
That’s the bad news.
Whenever you declare liberty, thugs in suits don’t like that. That’s when lives, fortunes and sacred honor are at stake.
Sometimes nullification is as simple as saying no. Sometimes it requires you to take up arms. That’s the spectrum of consequences, but we have to be ready for it. The next nullification moment is coming for American patriots. It will begin with the word “no”, but may not end there.
It’s coming, even if you’re not.