Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jordan Page Live Broadcast on Radio Free Redoubt - Jordan Page (Live at Cocollala, northern Idaho) link here to listen

Radio Free Redoubt

Jordan Page live!

The following audio files are from the live performance on Wednesday, December 11th at Cocollala, Idaho.  This was the kick-off concert for the Jordan Page Northwest Tour, performed in a one-room schoolhouse.  This was an intimate, fireside performance with about 20 to 25 people in attendance.  What a great time shared with other patriots.  These moments don’t come often enough.


Radio Free Redoubt streamed the event live for the listeners who couldn’t be there.  Below are the edited audio files of the songs Jordan performed that night.  It was a unique experience in that the ‘audience’ was able to converse and interact with Jordan throughout the concert.  The stories behind the songs and Jordan’s testimony of his journey into the patriot music world was inspiring and encouraging.



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