Friday, July 26, 2013

Colorado - John Morse Recall News - District Court rules in our favor - Governor sets election date

published by Anthony on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 15:48
A Denver District Court judge on Thursday ruled petitions submitted to recall two Democratic lawmakers are valid, setting in motion the first ever recall election of a state lawmaker in Colorado history.
"The petitions here substantially comply with law," Judge Robert Hyatt said.
Gov. John Hickenlooper shortly after the decision announced the recalls elections will be held Sept. 10.
"Recalls are a fundamental right of Colorado citizens," Hyatt said in his oral decision from the bench.
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About Us
The Basic Freedom Defense Fund is a non-profit dedicated to holding our elected representatives here in the state of Colorado RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for the things they do in office, and to ensure the defense of our freedoms and civil rights. We are currently providing overall monetary, legal, organizational, outreach and media support to the John Morse recall. Any donations given to the BFDF go towards the John Morse recall at this time.
Please step up and volunteer for the fight against John Morse. He has offended against the state of Colorado through his unconstitutional voting record against gun rights, his refusal to support economy boosting legislation and numerous ethics violations including changing Senate rules so that all citizens would not be allowed to testify against the citizen disarmament legislation. We have now turned in over 16,000 signatures to have him recalled from office but the fight has just begun.

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