Sunday, March 30, 2014

In Defense Of A Nation 03/27/14 - How To Lose 29 Million People

In 1984, the US reported 40 million illegal aliens among the population. Since then those numbers have "dwindled" to a mere 11 million. Where did all the people go? You already know how to lose a guy in 10 days, but listen to this to find out how to lose more than a boat load of aliens in just a few decades. Forget Waldo, where's Mohammed?

American Christians and patriots know that a battle is brewing. It is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation. Since the election of Barack Obama its temperature has reached an all-time high. The battleground is spiritual, political, and even physical-and the grand finale is coming soon to a street corner near you.
As history bears out, God does not use bigger church buildings, cool songs with lights and big drums, or elaborate productions to deliver nations from the jaws of tyranny. He does it by first destroying the corrupt political systems that oppress the people, then bringing about a spiritual awakening in the people, and finally bringing liberty to the people.
History is about to repeat itself once again in America.
Using scripture and current events, In Defense of a Nation frames the coming battle in a way that will cause you to lose sleep. It examines such questions as these:
• Is America a lucky anomaly in human history, or is it a deliberate act of God?
• Who is America in the Bible?
• Is God finished with America?
• What will the inevitable clash between Islam and Communism vs. America and the Jewish State of Israel look like?
• When will it occur?
• What is the beast system of the Bible, and who is the son of perdition?
• Who is the community organizer in Scripture that carried the anti-Christ messages of social justice and redistribution of wealth?
• Who will promote these same messages in the last days, and how will they be used against America?
America's toughest days are just ahead, but so is our crowning moment in history. You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Now, make it count.

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