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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pastor Steven Grant - FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS HISTORY OF THE US FLAG - How Gods Hand was and still is on America - be encouraged!!!

A deep understanding of our US history - Starting even before we were nation.  Then starting with our first flag at Jamestown also with the Pilgrims flying a flag on the ship they came over on.  Though George Washington, to our current US Flag and the future of America.  See how Gods hand was and still is on America.  This message will grant you a greater trust in God as He leads us.  This is a message about Gods will on America be encouraged!!! 
This was a Message from my Pastor Steven Grant July 6, 2014
Also check out the weekly show He does with his brother Stan Grant In Defense Of A Nation - http://www.indefenseofanation.com/home.html

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