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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For Wyoming Governor Dr. Taylor Haynes

Taylor Haynes is a man who believes that it is character and faith, not empty promises that makes a difference when it comes to achieving goals and contributing to the community.
For Wyoming Governor -
In response to the groundswell of encourgement from around the state, I am launching an exploratory effort to gauge support for my candidacy as Governor of Wyoming.

The recent comp...lete disregard for the Wyoming voters shown by our Legislature and Governor cannot be ignored. The unwanted, unneeded interference of the Federal Government in education, in the management and production of our natural resources, and in the general affairs of Wyoming must be diminished.

Washington must not be allowed to “dictate” to Wyoming how we manage our transportation systems or how we provide health care.

I am seriously considering running for Governor of Wyoming in the next election cycle. To help me with my decision I’m turning to the people who know me best and asking for your show of support. Your early contribution will give our campaign a tremendous boost, and the overall response to this letter will be a critical factor in my decision. Please send any amount you can afford as an indication of your support.

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